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Kate Marion Lapierre - Official Website
Garden Delights Painting by Kate Marion Lapierre | Saatchi Art

Kate Lapierre creates colorful abstract paintings and has sold her work locally and internationally through online galleries and local businesses. Her paintings can be completely abstract or expressionist landscapes and florals. Important to her work is how the basic elements of color and movement intermix to create an abstract image. She is continually inspired by both contemporary and past expressionistic artists. Kate paints using acrylic or watercolor/ink as well as some craypas or pencil on canvas, wood, or paper. She is drawn to color, mood, and mark-making. Her goal is to have each viewer interact with the painting and interpret it on a personal level. Formerly, Kate had been an illustrator, art educator, and art therapist and continues to draw on those experiences while enjoying the painting process.

As is a longtime Western Massachusetts resident, she continues to enjoy the colors and beauty of this area. More information on her artwork can be found on her website!

The Hills are Alive Painting by Kate Marion Lapierre | Saatchi Art

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