How To Become An HGM Artisan

Start or Grow your Business with Hannah Grimes

Do you need help getting your product retail ready? Are you interested in enhancing your business skills?

Become a member of the Hannah Grimes Marketplace and join our artisan community! You will gain access to a venue for selling your products and to an extensive series of classes and workshops through the Hannah Grimes Center.

The first step to becoming a member of the Marketplace is to fill out the Application below. Please contact if you have any questions about our store, our community, or your own business! Look at our blog post on Frequently Asked Questions from new and potential applicants!


 The Jury Process

 All products accepted into the marketplace are juried. This process ensures high-quality products and a sales mix that will guarantee success for your product and for the marketplace.

 The jury will look at factors such as pricing, product packaging, and your ability to produce a sufficient quantity of your product. We are looking for products that are consistent with the look and feel of the store (and will interest our customers).

The jury meets three times a year to deliberate on current marketplace applications. The jury team will determine if your product is one the store can sell – either as is or with some changes – and will contact you via email. Depending on the number of applicants, this process may take two to three weeks following the jury date.

If you are not selected to display your work at the Marketplace, please continue to apply! Many of the applicants that we turn down are rejected not for lack of talent, but rather because we have a limited amount of gallery space within our store, and are seeking an eclectic collection of art styles. While your work may not be right for the Marketplace at the time of your application, please continue to apply - as that may change!


Apply Now!

Artists pictured above include Sara Barkhouse (Vera Flora Farm), Linda Rubin (Frisky Cow Gelato), Emily Sodders (Bird House Studio), Karen Guastella (Karen's Kosmic Cookies), Tim Campbell (Tim Campbell Art), Barbara Davis (Old Settlers Pottery), John Wills (Of Moose and Mountain), and Amy Shinerock (Amy Shinerock Pottery). 

Applicants are juried in groups, 3 times per year.

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