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Genovese Woodworking and Baskets

Owners John and Tina Genovese have been creating hand-crafted items in the Monadnock region for over 40 years! From the studios in their Swanzey home, John crafts a variety of wooden items from exotic and locally sourced hardwoods, and Tina creates hand-woven baskets, drawing inspiration from Shaker and Appalachian designs. Every year, they have added new designs and different techniques, resulting in a new selection of crafts to choose from each season. John recently added laser engraving to adorn his all-natural cutting boards, Tina now offers basket making classes, and both artists offer custom-made items upon request. Their items are perfect for daily use, for special gifts, and gift giving! Check out their line of gorgeous line of products on their Facebook page. You can also sign up for their newsletter at genovesewoodworkingbaskets@gmail.com. There you can find new products, as well as a list of upcoming crafts fairs where you can check out their beautiful crafts in person!

Fernhaven Quilting and Crafting

Fernhaven Quilting and Crafts is based out of Alstead, NH and provides the Marketplace with quilted pottery. Fernhaven’s Elizabeth Ezold creates beaded bowls, plates, coasters, and bread baskets, utilizing vibrant color schemes and bold scalloping. Her work is of one of our frequent best-sellers and make great gifts!

Third Shift Fabrication

TSfab is based out of Plainfield, NH and are a recent addition to the marketplace! They create home décor, bottle openers, welcome signs, and more! These timeless designs are eclectic but a great gift for anyone's tastes. 

Pantastique LLC

Yuan Pan of Pantastique LLC/Goose Pond Tileworks is a new seller at the marketplace! Based out of Westmoreland, NH, Yuan has been creating and teaching for over 25 years. He designs vibrantly colored and detailed tiles, and has introduced multiple new, locally-inspired designs to us. His best-selling piece is his colorful "Mount Monadnock in the Fall" design, though he has also designed monochromatic tile art of downtown Keene and Mt. Monadnock. Check back in with our store and website to see Yuan's newest pieces and keep up with all of our member updates! Explore Yuan's Instagram to see more of his designs!

Wooden Wings

Wooden Wings’ Phil Morgan has built a woodworking career in a style he calls “folk art of today,” and has become known around New England for his unique, realistic-looking birds - as back scratchers, ornaments, and magnets. His “Feathered Friends” come in dozens of different species of birds, the most popular of which tend to be the local woodpecker, cardinals, great blue herons, and loons.

Hundelrut Studio

Donald Hundgen was born to two artist parents in New York City, which is to suggest he was natured and nurtured strongly by his environment. He attended the High School of Music and Art in the sixties. He freelanced as a commercial artist, cartoonist and illustrator, until he and his wife Sarah formed Hundelrut Studio in Plymouth, NH in 1989. Hundelrut Studio was a vehicle for Donald's pen & ink illustrations and cartoons and has grown into an art studio, shop, gallery, and website. The gallery displays framed art, handmade and painted wooden boxes, and papier-mâché sculptures. They have been a member of the Marketplace since 2000, selling bookmarks, birthday and sympathy cards, boxed note cards, holiday cards, bumper stickers, canvas bags, and memo pads. See their website for more of their designs! 

New England Bells

New England Bells is based out of Bradford, NH, and has been supplying HGM with ornaments, bells, and cast iron hooks for years. NE Bells have many varieties of colors and animals, and also have a large stock of seasonal ornaments, perfect for Christmas! See their website for more bells!


Amy Lawson of Overseasoned, along with bringing in the occasional apron, supplies HGM with their feminist, trendy designs on tea towels, t-shirts, and recipe cards. These designs add quirky charm to our kitchen and housewares. See Amy's Instagram and website for her full line-up!

Boyd & Doyle

Boyd & Doyle consists of three different companies all run by a husband and wife team. Together they run a bottle wick company, an ironwork ornament company, and a painted-glass company. Each piece of glass is individually hand painted by local artisans at their location in Lancaster, NH. These glasses have been a staple at the Marketplace for many years and our customers love them! Each of their items come in multiple design and color options. See more of their designs on their website.

Funky Rock Designs

At Funky Rock Designs, each rock is hand-picked and carried to their workshop in Maine. Each piece is individually drilled to create vases, lamps, soap dispensers, candle holders, booze dispensers, and several other products. Some rocks are left natural, while others are hand-treated with oil to bring out their vibrant color or design, just as you would see them if they were washed up by a wave onto the beach! Check out their website for their full product line-up.

Ox Pond Press

Ox Pond Press is based out of Bethlehem, NH, and have been selling their wooden signs for over 30 years. Ox Pond Press was formed by Stephen and Kathleen Gifford in 1991 nearby Ox Pond in Webster, NH, and relocated to Bethlehem, NH in 2007. It is a family-run business, and as of 2016, the business was passed onto the Gifford’s youngest son, Carl. Carl brings HGM custom, creative signs that celebrate our local mountain ranges and New England aesthetics as well as bring life and wit into the home. See more of their products on their Facebook page.

A Graphics (Featuring Designs by Tim Campbell)

Andrea Wotkyns has been selling A Graphics in HGM for over a year now. A Graphics screen prints pillows, prints, puzzles, coasters, tote bags, and more. The Marketplace is currently carrying A Graphics with our artist, Tim Campbell’s designs, such as “Bee Skep.” Customers can special order ANY of Tim's designs, see all of them on his Etsy page!

Wake Robin Folk Ornaments

Lark Leonard from Langdon, NH uses the plaiting of straw or of grain stalks to create ornaments. It is a centuries old craft found throughout the world. Originally fashioned as a spirit in winter, today these ornaments are symbols of good harvest and good luck. These ornaments can be found year-round and make excellent gifts!

Owl Tree Games

Owl Tree Games sells their handmade board game, Celtic Realm, here at Hannah Grimes Marketplace! Based out of Greenfield, MA, Celtic Realm was created by Randy Miller in the 1980’s. In 2016, Randy’s son Will successfully crowdfunded to create a recreation of the game in full color, which you can find today at HGM! See their website and Facebook for more information on the game and its creators!

Glass Graphics

Glass Graphics is based out of Concord, NH, and co-owners Stu Dunlop and Andrew Schroeder have been creating high-quality glassware since 1981. Explore the Marketplace to find the custom mugs and glassware that are currently available. See their website and Instagram for more of their products!

Beaded Silverware

Susan Finnegan of Beaded Silverware is based out of Westmoreland, NH. We carry Beaded jam spoons, sugar spoons, soup spoons, salad forks, cocktail forks, deli forks, and butter knives in multiple bead colors. Susan also provides us with her stone shadowboxes.

Peterboro Basket Company

Founded in 1854, Peterboro Basket Company is the oldest continuous manufacturer of baskets in the United States! They strive to continue to bring you high-quality, durable baskets that are perfect for gift giving or home décor. 

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters are a family-owned business who value their “Made in USA” label; they manufacture high quality (and competitively priced) cookies cutters using American-made materials right in Vermont. Ann Clark started making her cookie cutters in 1989 and has been selling them in the Marketplace for multiple holiday seasons. See their website for their full product line, including dozens of seasonal designs.

Screen Craft Gifts

Mike Pezza of Screen Craft Gifts has been selling pieces in the Marketplace for years. Based out of Providence, RI, we currently carry Screen Craft items like the Mt. Monadnock Serving Tray & pieces printed with our other artist’s designs, including glass cutting boards, magnets, and coasters featuring Tim Campbell and Alicia Drakiotes works.

Early American Workshop and Studio

Early American Workshop and Studio provides the Marketplace with quaint pin cushions, shaker trays, and dresser trays. Their studio is in Alstead, NH.


B-Organic Produce Bags, available in multiple designs and sizes specifically designed for herbs, vegetables, and fruits. These bags are made of non bleach 100% organic cotton will last for many years and dyed with real fruit juice. The organic fabric allows for good air circulation while reducing light, fine for storage of produce, vegetables, herbs and bread. They excel at refrigerator storage of delicate produce that easily wilts, like lettuce, chard, basil and greens. Enjoy our bags for many years to come - they are also biodegradable so when you used them and ready to retire them, you can just throw them in your compost or back yard and they will disintegrate.

Bee's Wrap

Bee’s Wrap is a popular item in the Marketplace as it offers an alternative to plastic bags, plastic wrap, and other unnecessary plastics used to store and preserve food. Based out of Middlebury, VT Bee’s Wrap is a popular plastic alternative sold at HGM. Check out their website for more information!

Bunny Boogie

Owners Andrea and Jim Lorette met in 2000 while working on a creative project together. They later married and joined forces to create Jayelay Jewelers and Bunny Boogie! Bunny Boogie offers a wide selection of chapsticks, lotions, and soaps all branded with sketches done by Jim Lorette. As you can see they’re bunny lovers… they may even have one as a pet or two! They have also started making home goods with their designs, including cards, gift tags, mugs, socks, coasters, mini frames, and more! Check out their Instagram to see more of their whimsical, naturalistic designs.

Vera Flora Farm

Did you know that Hannah Grimes Marketplace has multiple CSA programs, including Vera Flora Farm's Floral CSA! Read more about the program and consider signing up for the weekly flower subscription at the marketplace! Alongside that program, they also provide fresh and dried flower bouquets depending on the season. 

Abbie White

Several of our managers and shopkeepers over the years have also sold their creations at the marketplace, including Abbie White! Based out of Hinsdale, Abbie is our head shopkeeper and also crafts handmade wind chimes and gnomes for the marketplace. See her work in the store all year round!

Nicolai Papoin

These granite bowls are made from rock collected in New Hampshire! Nicolai Papoin moved to the United States from Brittany, France in 2016 and found that New Hampshire is the granite state, with stone walls and rocks that are everywhere. He have been working with a quarry to collect stones. Each one of his high-quality bowls has a different coloration-some are dotted with semi-precious stones. Each one is unique depending on the grain of the stone and natural coloration. The bowls and planters are carved and polished. See his website for more information and styles!

Abnormal Creations

Abnormal Creations is based out of Salem, NH, and creates unique Birch home décor, including wooden wine stoppers, wine charms, and hand-painted, Birch Christmas ornaments. These ornaments are perfect for the holiday season, but they are also available in the Marketplace year round! See their Instagram and Etsy for more of their designs and products.

Beeze Tees

Beeze Tees is a screen-printing company based just down the street from Hannah Grimes in Keene, NH. We take in many colorful, creative, or locally-themed shirts, and as of 2022, we also sell their mugs! See their website and Instagram to see more of their products. 

Linda Greenwood

Linda Greenwood is based out of Peterborough, NH, and sells seasonal coasters featuring her own photography. She provides seasonal prints on cork and rubber coasters.

Leopard Frog

Larissa of Leopard Frog is a local artist who makes beautiful, laser cut wooden earrings, pendants, quirky art and stationery, screen printed mugs, totes, and enamel pins. She is a versatile artist who's work can be found website. 

Of Moose and Mountain

John Wills of Of Moose and Mountain is a frequent best-seller in the Marketplace. John brings in a large variety of t-shirts, with prints coming in multiple colors and sizes. He also brings in baseball caps, trucker caps, car decals, and key chains. Check out John's Instagram and website for more of his items! He creates unique graphic designs inspired by nature, wildlife, and New England traditions and landmarks. His designs are all his own, based on his life-long love for New England and his roots in the region. "Of Moose and Mountain" reflects John's love for the mountains, where he feels "at home" with the wildlife, as well as his affinity for moose.

MEA Originals

Mary Ellen Pellerin is a Keene, NH native and a frequent best-seller in the Marketplace. She provides us with numerous apparel and home good items, as well as many kitchen essentials! She creates popular oven mitts, potholders, tissue holders, mug mats and coasters, and many more helpful pieces. 

Hanson Studio

Tim Hanson is a photographer based out of Charlestown, NH. His New Hampshire themed mugs and home goods are available year round! Read the New Hampshire Made article on Hanson to learn more!

Bob Yantiss Art

Bob Yantiss is a fine artist from Swanzey, NH, whose laser-cut wood pieces are distinct from our other, more colorful/painted pieces. Bob is skilled in creating wooden etchings and wooden mandalas. He also makes many engraved kitchen essentials including pint glasses, pilsners, shot glasses, coasters, tumblers, wine glasses, wooden spoons, and more!

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