Kids & Crafts

Harrisville Designs

Harrisville Designs is based out of Harrisville, NH, and provides the Marketplace with numerous kids toys and crafting kits. Our customers enjoy taking on these DIY projects, such as looming and needle felting. Check out the Marketplace to see what kits we have in store! See more Harrisville products on their Instagram and website and feel inspired to make a special order at the marketplace. 

Eco Kids

Eco Kids comes from Portland, ME and bring creativity-stimulating entertainment and crafts for kids. Explore the DIY honeycomb, painting, clay, and egg-dying activities available at the Marketplace! More of their products can be viewed on their Instagram and website

Homeslice Puppetry

Homeslice Puppetry is run by puppeteer, Eric Weiss! He hand builds his puppets and offers puppetry & puppetry construction classes in his studio in Easthampton, MA. Shop his handsewn, one-of-a-kind puppet at HGM today! They are perfect gifts for kids, learn more on his website

Bedford Wool

Karen and Bob Morris of Bedford Wool not only provides knitwear and wool ornaments, they also bring toys and plushes into the Marketplace. Their designs include chickens, fish, owls, and more, all coming in multiple colors and patterns. See more of their work on their Instagram and Facebook

Pear Tree Studio

Pear Tree Studio is based out of Harrisville, NH, and provides the Marketplace with high-quality, hand-made toys and plush items perfect for kids! See more of their work on their website.

Far Out Bubbles

Far Out Bubbles hails from Keene, NH, and are perfect for summertime fun. HGM carries bubble kits in multiple sizes that have been a hot-item for kids throughout this summer. See their website and Instagram for more work!

Bunny Boogie

Owners Andrea and Jim Lorette met in 2000 while working on a creative project together. They later married and joined forces to create Jayelay Jewelers and Bunny Boogie . Bunny Boogie offers a wide selection of chap-sticks, lotions and soaps all branded with sketches done by Jim Lorette. As you can see they’re bunny lovers… they may even have one as a pet or two! They recently started bringing kid-friendly puzzles to the marketplace! See their Instagram for more designs.

Woodfield Press

Alongside the many charming and detailed cards the Marketplace receives from Woodfield Press, we also take in their Coloring Books and Paper Dolls! Woodfield is based in Alstead, NH and is a best-seller at HGM. Woodfield’s sentimental, pastoral style translates seamlessly into their vintage kids items and stimulates creativity. Explore their website for more designs!

Tim Campbell/A Graphics

Tim Campbell resides in Keene, NH with his Jack Russell Terrier, Otis Campbell, named after the character on the Andy Griffith Show. He self-identifies as an "outsider" artist. His works are always thought provoking and humorous. Tim's work can be found in galleries throughout New England, Cape Cod, Atlanta, San Francisco, in the American Folk Art Gallery in New York City, and in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. See Tim's Etsy and Instagram for more of his work!

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