Soap & Lotion Makers

Holland Homestead Farm

Holland Homestead Farm is owned and operated by Rebecca Holland out of Hillsborough, NH. The farm produces goat milk products such as lotion, soap, bath bombs and more! Our customer’s favorites are Rebecca’s creations of seasonal scents like; pumpkin, gingerbread, balsam, and mulled cider! Rebecca has been a member of the marketplace since 2012 and her business has continued to grow ever since. In 2018 Rebecca won the annual Hannah Grimes Center entrepreneur of the year award! See their website and Instagram for their full line-up!

Hemlock Springs Cottage

Karen Steuer started making soap 1999 in Lyndeborough, NH. Her first experience with making her own soap was in Girl Scouts! Since then, she has made it a passion and a career to craft beautifully scented soaps for the region. After many years of selling her products at other venues Karen was finally able to open her own storefront in Manchester, NH! Check out their website and Instagram!

Beeline Skin Care

Susan Lanphear, created her line of hypoallergenic skin care products and eco-friendly containers after working as a chemist. She developed sensitivities from the chemicals she was using and couldn't find any skin care products that did not irritate her skin. Honey and beeswax quickly became her materials of choice. Thus Beeline Skin Care was born! Since then her famous product Bee Silk has become one of our best selling skincare products. See their Instagram and website for more products and information. 

Sweet Grass Farm

Sweet Grass Farm started on the very simple premise of creating their own body care products and soaps. Starting in the kitchen, hand-stirring batches of creative and good-for-you products, they always aimed to provide fragrant and gentle products for the body, kitchen, bath and more. All of their products are made close by in Greenland, NH, including their Sweet Grass Soap Bars and Farmhouse Soaps and Lotions. Check out their full line-up on Instagram and their website.

Spring Leaf Naturals

Spring Leaf Natural’s Christa Austin has been selling their soaps at HGM for years, and has found success in their face soaps, deodorants, bubble baths, room sprays, and eye pillows. She also sells her popular Bamboo Knot Organic Cotton Baby Hats, and lava bead Aromatherapy Bracelets.

W.S. Badger Co.

Badger was started by Bill Whyte in 1995 after working as a carpenter in the cold New Hampshire winters. He created an amazing balm that helped his cracked hands and he wanted to share it with the world. Badger Bill ran the company along with his wife Katie Schwerin and their two daughters Rebecca Hamilton and Emily Schwerin-Whyt. It grew to over 100 products with over 80 employees and in 2018 Bill passed the leadership of the company on to daughters, Rebecca and Emily. Read more about the company on their website and Instagram.

Bunny Boogie

Owners Andrea and Jim Lorette met in 2000 while working on a creative project together. They later married and joined forces to create Jayelay Jewelers and Bunny Boogie . Bunny Boogie offers a wide selection of chap-sticks, lotions and soaps all branded with sketches done by Jim Lorette. As you can see they’re bunny lovers… they may even have one as a pet or two! Check out their Instagram for more information on products and designs.

Wondrous Roots

One of our newest marketplace members, Wondrous Roots is a Keene, NH-based holistic health company. They provide the marketplace with their high-quality soaps, lotions, and serums, made with natural ingredients with no added water. Read more about the owners, their products, or their practice on their website!

Guided Path Wellness

Amanda Bedard is the owner of Guided Path Wellness, an alternative wellness practice in the business incubator program. Guided Path Wellness offers Reiki, Coaching and Counseling, and sells essential oil blends. Amanda’s business is in Keene, NH and provides essential oil mists and rollers to the Marketplace. See more on their Instagram and website!


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